Webroot Full Scan

First, open the Webroot interface on your system by selecting the Webroot option from the drop-down list available in the menu bar. Tap the Scan My Computer button and wait for the scan process to complete. After the scan, if any threats are found, then follow the guidelines displayed on your system to clear them.

Does Webroot Scan For Malware

Webroot Antivirus scans for malware available on your system. Perform the normal scan process, and if there is any malware available on your system, then, Webroot will remove it.

Does Webroot Scan For Malware
  • Change the scan settings and then carry out the scan process to scan an external hard drive.
  • Make sure the hard drive is connected to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Click the Webroot icon available in the menu bar and select the Preferences option from the drop-down list.
  • Choose the Scan Settings option in the Preferences window.
  • Tick the box near the Scan for Mounted Devices option and click the Close button.

Webroot Virus Scan

  • Check if you have installed Webroot antivirus on your system. 
  • If so, the Webroot icon will be available in the menu bar. 
  • Tap the Webroot icon and select the Scan My Computer option to initiate the scan process. 
  • If there are any threats on your computer, then it will be displayed on the next screen. 
  • Highlight all the files that contain a virus and clear it using the instructions that are displayed on the screen of your computer.
Webroot Virus Scan
Webroot Deep Scan

Webroot Deep Scan

  • The deep scan process in Webroot is the same as the default process. 
  • To perform the scan process, open the Webroot interface on your system. 
  • Double-click the Webroot Antivirus icon available on your desktop. 
  • When the interface opens, click on the Scan My Computer button. 
  • If there are any threats, it will be displayed on your computer screen. 
  • Highlight the checkbox available near the infected files that you wish to remove.
  • After the removal process, you can exit the Webroot window.

How To Do a Custom Scan On Webroot For Mac

  • Launch the Webroot main console on your system and click the Gear icon available in the top part of the screen. 
  • When the Scan and Shield screen displays, click the Custom Scan button. 
  • In the next screen, highlight the box near the Custom option. 
  • Make use of the Add File/Folder option and the Remove option to add or delete folders from the scan process. 
  • Click the Start Scan button present at the bottom part of the window.

How To Exclude a Process From Scan In Webroot

  • From the main interface of the Webroot software, click the Settings icon. 
  • Go to the Scan & Shields tab and select the Custom Scan option.
  • From the Customized Scan window, tick the box near the Custom option. 
  • Click the Add File/Folder option to add the files and folders to the scanning process. 
  • Use the Remove button to delete the files detected by the scanning procedure. 
  • Tap the Start Scan button to initiate the scanning process.

Does Webroot Scan Email

  • Webroot does not offer email protection. However, it can scan the attachments that are received through the mail.
  • When you click the Download button to open an attachment in the mail sent to you, it will scan and bock it if it contains any virus or malware. 
  • If you click any links that are received through the mail, then Webroot will check if the website is secure and then decides whether or not to allow you to access it.

How To Turn Off Email Scanning In Webroot

Webroot cannot scan emails as Webroot does not feature email scanning.

Does Webroot Scan Email


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