How To Uninstall Cylance In Safe Mode?

 Uninstall Cylance In Safe Mode

Like any other antivirus software, Cylance also protects your computer from all kinds of threats. This antivirus software offers cutting-edge protection that helps you to detect and remove viruses & malware from your computer. Now, if you’re unable to uninstall Cylance from your computer’s Programs and Features or Application window, then you can try it in Safe Mode. Now, let's have a look at how to uninstall Cylance in Safe mode.

Steps To Uninstall

  • Generally, the Windows OS doesn’t allow you to install or uninstall an application in Safe Mode because it is recommended to troubleshoot your computer issues. Uninstalling or installing the application in Safe mode is not possible because only the core components can be loaded in this mode. An error message will also be displayed on the screen when you try to uninstall the application. The error “The Windows Installer Service..." message is displayed. Similarly, when you try to uninstall a service in Safe mode, the following message is displayed --- “Error 1084: This service can’t be started in Safe Mode.”
  • However, there is a way to uninstall the service in Safe mode. Generally, in the registry folder, all the details of the services that are allowed in Safe Mode are stored.
  • You can use the registry folder to uninstall the service. Look for the service name that you want to uninstall in the registry folder and select it. Now, add the REG_SZ keyword along with the service name and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • As discussed above, you can’t uninstall the application in Safe Mode. If you’re unable to uninstall the Cylance software from your computer’s Programs and Features or Application window, then report the issue to the manufacturer.

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