How To Transfer Bullguard To Another Computer?

Transfer Bullguard To Another Computer

To know how to transfer Bullguard to another computer, refer to the step-by-step instructions provided on our web page.

Step 1 - Installing the Bullguard product on another computer

  • Open the default web browser on the computer to which you want to transfer your Bullguard product.
  • Visit the Bullguard product’s login page.
  • Provide the valid email address and password in the respective fields.
  • If necessary, select the checkbox beside the Remember Me option.
  • Once you click the Login option, you can access the Bullguard account from the web browser.
  • Navigate to the My Subscriptions section and click the Download option next to the Bullguard product.
  • The installer file will be saved in the computer’s Downloads folder.
  • Double-click the installer and carry out the instructions that prompt on the screen.
  • This will complete the installation process of transfer Bullguard to another computer.

Step 2 - Logging into the Bullguard paid account

  • On the desktop of the computer, navigate to the system tray and double-click the Bullguard icon.
  • Select the Main option twice and then click the Bullguard Account option followed by the Change User option.
  • You have to use the same login credentials (username and password) of the Bullguard account correctly in the appropriate fields as you had given in your old computer.
  • Click the Login button and select the Main option again.
  • Go to the Your Bullguard Account section and check if the correct subscription number is displayed in this field.
  • Note: If you run the Bullguard product on another computer in a trial version with the same email address, you will receive an email message stating that ‘You could not transfer Bullguard to another computer.’ click the Call button provided on this web page to get assistance from our technical support member.


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