How To Do TotalAv Setup?

Total AV is a low-priced antivirus tool to safeguard your device from viruses and malware. The real-time protection and remote firewall are the stand-out features of this security tool. Continue reading to know about the TotalAV setup process.

 TotalAv Setup

On Windows system:

Step-1: Download the application

  • Launch a browser application on your computer. After that, type the official Total AV website URL and press Enter.
  • Subscribe to the Total AV product by entering the user details and paying for the product.
  • Navigate to the Downloads section on the webpage and find the application download link for the Windows operating system.
  • Click the link and start downloading the Total AV installer.
  • When the download completes, close the browser window.

Step-2: TotalAv Setup For Installation

  • Now, go to the location where the Total AV installer file is downloaded on the system. Mostly will be the Downloads folder of your computer.
  • Double-click the installer file to open it and begin the installation.
  • If the system prompts to allow the installer to make changes, click Yes in the User Account Control pop-up window.
  • In the installation wizard window that opens up, click the Install button.
  • Following that, the installation progress status bar appears in the window.
  • Once the installation is over, the Total AV software launches automatically on the screen, and it continues to download the latest protection system for virus removal.
  • Next, click the green-colored Start Scan button in the window to begin the virus scan on the system.
  • By default, the Total AV app is set to scan the system weekly.
  • If you want to schedule the scan, launch the software, and then select the gear icon in the window.
  • Under Manage Antivirus Scans, change the scan schedule settings to weekly or monthly and select the type of scan that has to be performed. Hopefully this will be help you to know about the TotalAv Setup


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