Sophos Antivirus For MAC Issues Detected

Antivirus For MAC Used To Detected The Issues

  • The Sophos antivirus for MAC detects and cleans viruses, Trojans, and other Malware. 
  • It is a sophisticated antivirus that thoroughly scans and deletes corrupted data without asking permission.
  • The antivirus uses live protection to scan for suspicious files in their Sophos wizard SophosLabs.
  • Launch your Mac.
  • Run the Sophos antivirus in your Mac.
  • The Sophos antivirus window will appear, detecting the issues in your system.
  • The message will read Issues detected.
  • Right-click in the Sophos window, it will show two available options out of three.
  • Select the View Scan log option.
  • The scan log will open, showing the scan name “Scan local drives.”
  • From the scan log, you will see that the Sophos scanned all the drivers and internal and external drives in your Mac to setup the Sophos Antivirus For Mac.
  • You will see a message unrecognized file format with the location of the drive.
Sophos Antivirus For Mac
  • The issue is nothing serious. It could either be that the Sophos Antivirus could not scan a particular file.
  • Or, because Sophos might have recognized some files are encrypted, or some corrupt files have been reported.
  • So, anytime you see Issues Detected message, it is safe to ignore.
  • You can further investigate by performing a right-click and selecting View scan log.
  • Sophos usually performs a full scan. The Sophos Antivirus for MAC reports files that do not need to be looked at.


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