Rescue Disc For Antivirus Software

 Rescue Disc For Antivirus Software

Computer viruses can damage your device is in many ways. It is necessary to install antivirus software on your computer to protect it from harmful threats. But, if your computer is already infected by a virus and you are not able to access it, then you can use the antivirus rescue disk to remove the virus. Most of the top antivirus software companies develop and maintain disk images for antivirus rescue disks, which can later be written on a CD or DVD. In the section below, we shall discuss few rescue disc for antivirus software.

Bitdefender Rescue CD:

Bitdefender never fails to deliver the best antivirus software. The antivirus rescue disk offered by Bitdefender is delivered using a very basic web page. No separate link is added on its page to download this software. Bitdefender Rescue CD offers an easy-to-use interface. As soon as you install it on your computer, it automatically updates its antivirus definitions.

ESET SysRescue Live:

The next one is ESET SysRescue Live. Users can make changes to this CD according to their needs. It has two scanning options, Smart Antivirus Scans and Custom antivirus scans. Using this rescue disk, you can select and scan an individual file or folder of your desire. ESET Rescue CD can also update its antivirus definitions on its own. These are the famous rescue disc antivirus softwares. Below section wil covers the kaspersky disc and Norton bootable recovery tool.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk:

This is one of the old antivirus software, but it still manages to ensure excellent security. It has options like Auto antivirus definition update, customization options like scanning boot sectors, hiding startup objects, and scanning specific files or folders.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool:

Using this tool, you can make a bootable disk of your own on a USB memory stick or a DVD. Features offered by this rescue disk are listed below.

  • Simple graphical user interface
  • Customization options
  • Scanning and cleaning of the computer

Based on your desire, purchase any one of the rescue disc for antivirus software to make your computer free from viruses.


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