Report Norton Lifelock Phishing Email - Quick Steps

Report Norton Lifelock Phishing Email

Learn how to report Norton Lifelock Phishing Email. Approximately five out of ten people receive at least ten spam emails daily. These emails are difficult to identify because they look like the mail is sent from a trusted organization or site. But, when you check it closely, you’ll be able to find some major mistakes like:

  • Incorrect spelling.
  • Strange or unfamiliar links.
  • Unfamiliar “From” address, etc.

So, if you find a spam email in your Inbox, delete or move it to the spam folder. You can also use a spam filter to identify and block unsolicited, unwanted, or virus-infected emails from entering your inbox.

Scroll down this page to know how to report a phishing email to Norton LifeLock.

Reporting Phishing Email To Norton

If you’ve received a phishing/spam email asking you to renew your subscription from an unknown or untrusted site, report it to Norton LifeLock. You can do this in different ways, and they are:

  • From a web-based email client.
  • From a mobile device.

From Web-based Email Client

  • Open the email client.
  • Select the email account from which you wish to send the email if necessary.
  • Compose a new email by clicking the Plus button.
  • Now, type the Norton LifeLock spam email address in the To field.
  • Add subject to the mail.
  • Enter the message.
  • Attach a copy of the phishing email along with the message.
  • Finally, click the Send button.

From Mobile Phone

  • Open the email client application installed on your computer.
  • Choose the email you want to report to Norton and open it.
  • Tap on the Forward icon on the opened email.
  • Type the Norton LifeLock Support email address in the To field.
  • Fill in the necessary fields and then tap Send.

Contact us if you need real-time technical assistance to Report Norton Lifelock Phishing Email.

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