How To Fix Quick Heal Update Issue?

 Quick Heal Update Issue

Quick Heal is a smart product designed to ease the security management on every device and on many platforms which focus on network security. With the advanced machine learning solution, Quick Heal stops most threats and malware. While updating the software, you might experience some update issues. You should resolve it quickly, as malware threats are increasing at a higher rate. Note: Users must frequently update the Quick Heal software to defend the device against new virus threats and malware. As Quick Heal releases the latest security features anytime, it is better to update and ensure security.You’ll find an Quick heal update issue while performing the Quick Heal update. It occurs due to the corrupted files of the Quick Heal software.

Reasons For This Error

  • The system abruptly restarts during the update procedure.
  • Errors on the hard disk.
  • Termination of the update.

To resolve that issue, try following the instructions given below:

For Windows 10

  • Press Windows + X keys and select Command Prompt(Admin).
  • The Command Prompt window appears on your computer’s screen.
  • Type chkdsk and then hit the Enter key.
  • Check if the Bad Sector/ File system error is found or not.
  • If the error is found, resolve it by entering the command chkdsk /f /r and press y.
  • Restart the system.
  • Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box and then type the required executable file.
  • Click on OK.
  • Try to update the Quick Heal software again and check if the error is resolved or not.

If the issue still exists, reinstall the updated version of the Quick Heal software. You can download the latest version from the official Quick Heal website. By following the instructions, you’ll be able to rectify the Quick Heal update issue. You can also try contacting our technical support team for further queries or any assistance.


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