Norton Live Update Not Working Mac

Norton Live Update Not Working Mac

Norton Antivirus Mac

The Norton Antivirus protects your Mac from all viruses while you are working from home or from your office. The Norton Antivirus software helps you remove all the viruses from your devices. If you are facing issues with the Norton Antivirus software installed on your Mac computer, then follow the instructions given below.

Norton Live update not working on Mac

Method 1

  • If you are encountering a problem like Norton live update not working, then go to its official website.
  • Note: Before going to the official site, close all the tabs and applications that you are working on.
  • Once closed, the next step is to restart your Mac.
  • Open a browser and go to the Symantec website. In case you are not able to open the Symantec website, then restart your system again.
  • Note: the steps may vary according to your version.
  • For Norton AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security: Open the Norton app and click LiveUpdate.
  • For Norton 360, click "Tasks" and then click "Run LiveUpdate." 
  • Wait for a while until you see the "Your Norton Product Has the Latest Protection Updates" message.
  • Finally, click OK and restart your Mac.

Method 2

  • Download the RemoveSymantecMacFiles tool from the official website.
  • Click the Finder icon and then move to Downloads.
  • Open the RemoveSymantecMacFiles main window.
  • Click Open with Terminal (default) and then click the Open button.
  • Enter the admin password and then hit the Enter key.
  • If all files need to be deleted that are related to the Norton Antivirus software, then enter 1.
  • In case you don't want to delete any files related to the Norton Antivirus software, then enter 2.
  • Once you have removed the Symantec files, enter y in the Terminal window and then restart your Mac computer.
  • Enter the email address and the password to log into the Norton account.
  • Now, the Get Started window will appear; choose the Download Norton option.
  • Click Agree & Download and then OK.
  • Open the downloaded Norton Product Installer software.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Select the Join Now or Maybe Later option and then enter the administrator password.
  • Select the Install Helper option and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation of the Norton product.
  • Finally, click OK and restart your Mac.

These methods work with Norton AntiVirus 2014, Norton 360 2014, and Norton Internet Security 2014. Steps may vary for other versions of Norton's product.


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