Norton Lifelock Spam Email

This article is about Norton LifeLock spam email. Since threats are increasing day by day, we want to alert our users and prevent them from being prey to spam emails.Norton LifeLock offers a subscription-based service that involves technologies and alert tools to protect users against identity theft. This is done by scanning hundreds of millions of data points using proprietary technology for threats to your identity.


NortonLifelock Spam Email

You may receive an email regarding the renewal of your Norton LifeLock product or service. The renewal email will be sent to customers if they have already subscribed to a Norton product or service. If you have a Norton subscription, then you may receive it too. When you receive an email, the first thing you need to check is the email's sender (email address). Most of the Norton spam emails are sent from free email service addresses like Remember, an email from the Norton source will be sent from an email address like or Anything other than this should be handled carefully.

Most of the emails and text messages that look like NortonLifeLock try to threaten you by creating a sense of urgency (For example, you will be threatened that your credit/debit card will be charged if you don't respond. In some cases, you may see a warning about expired antivirus service or infection on your system, which is actually not the case). Many spam emails will include an urgent request to contact someone, sign on to a spoof site, click the email attachment, call a number, or respond to the email with personal or account information.

So, avoid sending any information requested or clicking on a suspicious link. NortonLifeLock advises users to forward every suspicious email to

We hope you are well aware of NortonLifeLock spam emails. For any queries related to Norton LifeLock or spam emails, you can contact us.

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