Norton Life Lock App Not Working

Being the best antivirus, Norton offers you the Life Lock Identity Theft Protection feature, which protects you against identity theft. Additionally, this feature is available for your Android and iOS as theft happens on any type of device to hack your personal information. Through this Norton Life Lock feature, you’ll be able to protect your information. At times, it does not work properly. It’s OK. Look at the solutions mentioned in this article.

Norton Life Lock App Not Working

Why is the Norton Life Lock app not working?

Since Norton provides you with some services like Identity Monitoring, Credit Monitoring, etc., you’ll also have some notification alerts that help you protect every information. Notifications include Dark Web Monitoring. Wait. What is Dark Web Monitoring? It is one of the services offered by Norton.

  • Any information of yours is found on dark websites or forums; this Life Lock feature notifies you without any further delay. Dark Web Monitoring is also an issue that is faced by every user. Follow the solutions mentioned below to troubleshoot the problem whenever you have an issue with this notification alert.
  • Depending on the notification, you’ll have to perform accordingly. For instance, if you have an issue with the given Username and Password, you need to ensure that you change and create a new unique password.
  • Ensure that you’ve set up a two-factor authentication method if it is not set up already.
  • If you have a notification related to Credit Card, it is recommended to use the Transaction Monitoring from Life Lock.
authentication method

Sometimes, you’ll have an issue with the application. It is better to uninstall and reinstall the application. If you’re an Android user, just navigate to the application found on the home screen. Long press the application, and then you’ll find these options: Remove and Uninstall. Click Uninstall. The uninstallation process begins now. After the app gets uninstalled, you’ll have to install it again on your Android. Here’s how to install it.

  • Launch the Google Play Store application. Type LifeLock in the search bar. When you find the LifeLock application, tap the Install button.
  • Tap Accept if prompted. When it gets installed on your device, just sign in with the required account credentials.

You’re done with the Norton Life Lock app not working problem. Apply the solutions mentioned above for a quick fix.


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