[FIXED] Norton Cloud Backup Not Working

Norton Cloud Backup Not Working

Why is Norton Cloud Backup not working? The Norton product may itself tell you the possible causes of the issue. The Cloud Backup may not be successful if there is inadequate storage space or poor internet connection. So, make sure of those things before you try again.If you don't know how to run Norton Cloud Backup, follow the below procedure.

Note:Norton Cloud Backup can only be done on Windows. You have to create a backup set specifying the files' details, destination, and time to run a backup before running Norton Cloud Backup.If you are running a backup for the first time, the Norton product may take time to check and copy all the data on your computer. Also, if your home network connection is too slow or weak, the process may be delayed.


Creating A Backup Set
  • Launch the Norton security product.
  • In the main window, double-click on the Backup option.
  • Click Backup Sets.
  • Click Create New Set in the Backup Settings window.
  • On the next screen, give a name for your backup set.
  • Click OK.
  • Under the What section, turn on the file categories that you wish to back up under File Types.
  • Under the Where tab, choose Secure Cloud Storage in the Destination column.
  • Move to the When tab and use the Schedule option to choose the backup schedule.
  • Click the Save Settings option.


You may need to authenticate with your Norton credentials if you are running the backup for the first time.

  • Go to the Norton product’s main screen.
  • Double-click on the Backup option.
  • Click Run Backup.
  • On the Run Backup screen, you can find the backup status.
  • Click Close.

As said earlier, if your Norton Cloud Backup not working, make sure there is enough space and a proper internet connection. If you have doubts about creating the backup, follow the above steps or call us for help. We hope this article was helpful.


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