Norton Antivirus Quick Scan Not Working

 norton antivirus quick scan not working


A quick scan does a basic scanning and identifies harmful threats on your computer. However, in a few instances, you might end up with an error during the scanning process. As a result, the scan will be incomplete, and your computer will be prone to be attacked by harmful viruses and malware. So, fix the not working Norton’s quick scan by trying out the troubleshooting techniques mentioned in this article.

Close the incompatible programs

  • If any program installed on your computer conflicts with Norton antivirus, it may impact the scanning process. As a result, the quick scan may fail to work. 
  • In that case, you need to locate the exact incompatible program and uninstall it from your computer. To do so, open the Task Manager and close the running programs one by one.
  • Whenever you close a program, check whether the scanning issue is fixed.
  • Once you locate the exact incompatible program, uninstall it from your computer and resume the scanning process.

Fix Insufficient Memory

  • In case your computer runs out of memory, it may start to malfunction. As a result, Norton’s quick scan may fail to work. In that case, you can fix the issue by cleaning up the disk. Follow the instructions below to clean the disk.
  • Back up your data and go to the Control Panel. Click on Administrative Tools followed by Disk Cleanup. Next, choose the drive that you want to clean up and follow the guidelines. 
  • Once you have fixed the storage, check whether Norton’s quick scan can work. If the issue is not resolved, proceed with the following solution.

In case you aren’t able to complete the McAfee renewal, reinstall the antivirus program.

Do a full scan 

  • If the quick scan is not yet working, you can go ahead with the full scan option. Follow the instructions to proceed further:
  • Save all of your data and then close all the running programs.
  • Restart your computer and, if necessary, update your Operating System.
  • From your desktop menu, run the Norton antivirus program. Then, click the Security tab and click the Scan option.
  • In the Settings window, choose your required settings and click on the Full System scan option.
  • Once the scanning process gets concluded, click on the Finish button and complete the pending prompts.

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