How To Resolve Norton Antivirus Family Problems?

 Norton Antivirus Family Problems

To know how to resolve the Norton antivirus family problems, scroll down this page. Norton Family is the best software released by Norton that helps the parents to monitor their kid’s online activities. It also allows the user to block unsuitable sites, set time limits, and more.Some Norton users have encountered an issue with the Norton Family application. The section below covers the common Norton Family issues and the solutions for the same.

Issue 1: Installed Apps Don’t Appear Even After Curfew Or Unlock

Usually, when your child’s device is in the curfew period or if you had enabled the Instant Lock option, there is a chance for the Norton Family application to hide the recently installed applications. Sometimes, the apps may be sorted in alphabetical order. Recommend your child not to group the installed apps.This issue mainly occurs due to some network issue. So, as soon as you encounter this issue, check if your child’s device is connected to the stable network. If yes, then lock and unlock your child’s device on Norton Family. To do so, carry out the simple instructions given below.


First, sign in to your Norton account. Now, choose the child’s device. Click Lock child’s device > Lock > Unlock child’s device > Unlock.

Issue 2: Norton Family Stops The Web Monitoring After Uninstalling Norton

This Norton antivirus family problems is quite common. To resolve this issue, reinstall the Norton Family application on your computer and then configure it to monitor user accounts.

    Step 1: Uninstalling Norton Family On Child’s Device

  • First, sign in to your child’s computer with the admin rights. Open the Run dialog box. Type the appwiz.cpl command. Tap Enter. Select the Norton Family application from the list of installed applications. Click Uninstall. When prompted, enter Norton’s parent account credentials such as email address and password in the given fields. Click OK > Next > Restart.
  • Step 2: Reinstalling Norton Family On Child’s Device

  • Sign in to your Norton account. Navigate to the Child’s profile. Click Add Device > Add New Device. Select your device and click Next. Follow the instructions displayed on the application screen to complete the reinstallation process.

    Step 3: Configure Norton Family Application

  • Locate and click the Norton Family application icon available in the notification area. Select the Edit Accounts option. Enter the Norton parent account credentials in the given field. Click the Sign-in button. Select your child profile and click Edit. Choose the sign in as option. Now, in the displayed window, locate and select the local account that your child uses. Click Save > OK.

Issue 3: Trouble In downloading Norton Family Application

This issue occurs due to a temporary issue with the Norton server. If you have encountered this issue at the first attempt, then try to download the Norton Family application after a while because, in most cases, the server issues could be resolved automatically. If you need remote assistance in resolving the Norton antivirus family problems, contact us.


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