Solved: Norton Antitrack Wont Install In Firefox

Norton Antitrack Won't Install In Firefox

Norton AntiTrack is a browser extension that helps you keep your online activities private. It can also hide your identity from fingerprinting attempts. But, if it suddenly stopped working in your Firefox browser, you need to troubleshoot the problem with the appropriate solutions. This page shows you the best solutions to fix the "Norton antitrack wont install in Firefox" issue.

Install Norton Antitrack In Firefox

Before troubleshooting the problem, check if you have implemented the correct procedure to install Norton AntiTracking Firefox. Here is the method you must follow to install the Norton AntiTrack extension in Firefox.

  • Once you have downloaded Norton AntiTrack, go to the Downloads window in your browser and double-click on the file.
  • If you see the User Account Control (UAC)? dialog box appears, click Continue.
  • Proceed with the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.
  • Now, open Norton AntiTrack. In the Norton AntiTrack window, click Manage Browsers.
  • On the window that displays, click Add Extension.
  • On the Firefox Browser Add-ons page, click the Add to Firefox option.
  • When the confirmation screen appears, click the Add button.
  • Now, the Norton AntiTrack extension will be installed.
  • In case you still cannot install Norton AntiTrack in your Firefox browser, try the following sets of troubleshooting solutions.

Restart Your Computer To Fix Norton AntiTrack Issue

Norton AntiTrack Issue
  • A minor technical glitch can lead to a significant problem in most instances. This problem can be fixed to some extent with a system restart.
  • Therefore, restart your computer and check if your problem is rectified.

Fix Norton Antitrack By Updating Firefox

If your Firefox browser is outdated, you will face issues while installing Norton AntiTrack.

  • Open Firefox and click the menu at the top-right corner.
  • Click Help> About Firefox.
  • In the About Mozilla Firefox window, Firefox will check the updates, and if it finds any updates, it will be downloaded automatically.
  • Once the download gets concluded, click the Restart to update Firefox button.

Once you have updated the Firefox browser, see if you can install Norton AntiTrack without any problem.

Check The OS Compatibility To Install Norton Antitrack

  • Norton AntiTrack is available only on Windows 10 and Windows 11 Operating Systems. And you cannot use this extension for the lower versions of Windows.
  • Therefore, upgrade your Operating System to Windows 10 or 11 and then see if you can install the Norton anti track extension in Firefox.
  • Additionally, this extension exclusively works on Windows Operating Systems, and it is not compatible with Mac. So, if you use Mac, you can try a different browser extension other than Norton.

For further questions and clarifications to fix Norton Antitrack Wont Install In Firefox issue, you can reach our technical experts for assistance.

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