Do you want to verify your McAfee subscription? You just need to follow the instructions mentioned below to fix your McAfee subscription that is not working.

Steps to fix McAfee subscription not working problem

  • Initially, you need to check whether the subscription is really working. You need to right-click the McAfee application located on your Windows taskbar.
  • Now, select the Verify subscription option. If you see this option, then make sure that the subscription is actually working. If it is responding, ensure that you follow the steps mentioned below.
  • If you don’t have an inactive Internet connection, you’ll not be able to subscribe to McAfee or verify it properly. So, just ensure that you have an active Internet connection.
  • Also, check if you can find the Connected symbol. Meanwhile, if the wireless signal strength is low, you need to make sure your subscription is actually working.

Sometimes, your Windows computer might have some incorrect settings. This could lead to the McAfee subscription not working. So, change the settings on your Windows computer, and then subscribe to McAfee. This should resolve the problem.

Sometimes, your McAfee account itself would be the reason for the problem. So, check your account. This could help you resolve the problem.

Finally, you’ll have only one option, and that is to renew your McAfee subscription. You can use Virtual Assistant for renewing your McAfee subscription. Follow the chats or information that the VA provides, and you can easily resolve the problem with your account.

That’s it. You’ve now seen how to resolve McAfee verify subscription issue. 


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