McAfee Spyware

MCAFEE is an anti-spyware application that regularly scans your computer for viruses and requires your intervention to delete/quarantine them. With McAfee Total Protection, you can detect viruses, spyware, malware, and remove them from your computer.

McAfee Spyware Malware Removal Tool

Here are the guidelines to remove spyware from your computer by using McAfee antivirus.

  • First, update your McAfee product to the latest version so that the updated virus definitions are downloaded. 
  • Open your McAfee product and click the ‘Check for updates’ option.
  • Wait until the McAfee product is updated.
  • Launch McAfee.
  • Click the PC Security option and then click the ‘Scan for viruses’ button.
  • Click Scan your PC and then select ‘Run a Full scan.’
  • A full scan is required because spyware can be hiding in any location on your PC.
  • Wait until the full system scan is complete and then click View Results.
  • Click the action buttons to remove/quarantine the spyware and then click OK.

McAfee Spyware Protection

McAfee antivirus offers protection from spyware on your computer. You can enable real-time scanning on McAfee to monitor suspicious activity in the computer and choose what needs to be done when a threat is detected. You can set McAfee to clean the spyware whenever it is detected on your computer.

How To Turn On McAfee Virus And Spyware Protection

Follow these guidelines to turn McAfee antivirus and spyware protection.

  • Open the McAfee application on your computer.
  • Click the Navigation button and then select Real-Time Scanning.
  • Select the Turn On option. Set the preferences for Real-Time Scanning.
  • Click the Navigation again and then click Firewall.
  • Turn the firewall on by clicking ‘Turn On’ and then return to the McAfee dashboard.
  • Ensure that Real-Time Scanning and Firewall options are enabled.
  • Close the McAfee application.
how to turn on McAfee virus and spyware protection

McAfee Spyware Scan

Follow these guidelines to scan for spyware by using McAfee antivirus.

  • Launch McAfee antivirus on your computer.
  • Click PC Security located at the top of the McAfee window.
  • Click ‘Real-Time Scanning’ to open the real-time scanning options.
  • Set the ‘When a virus is found’ option to ‘Clean.’
  • Likewise, set the ‘If unable to clean,’ ‘When a spyware is found,’ ‘If unable to clean’ options according to your preference.
  • Click the Real-Time Scanning switch at the top to toggle real-time scanning on.
  • With this feature enabled, McAfee will automatically detect spyware and delete them from your computer.
  • To manually run a scan, return to the McAfee dashboard and click the PC Security button.
  • Click Run a Scan and then click ‘Full Scan’ or ‘Custom Scan.’
  • Choose a destination folder for where you think spyware might be located. Click Scan.
  • After the scan is completed, the spyware is deleted from the computer.

McAfee Virus And Spyware Protection Off

McAfee Virus And Spyware Protection Won’t Turn On

If McAfee virus and spyware protection does not get turned on, follow these steps to resolve it.

  • Remove the McAfee product from your computer by using the MCPR tool.
  • The MCPR tool is the McAfee Consumer product removal tool, which can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Make a note of your McAfee product’s login credentials and license information.
  • Run the MCPR tool and follow the on-screen prompts to remove the McAfee product.
  • Restart the computer. Reinstall McAfee and check whether the issue is resolved.

McAfee Spyware Keeps Turning Off

If McAfee Spyware keeps turning off, it is possible that the application’s files corrupted during an upgrade. The solution is as follows.

  • Download and run the MCPR tool on your computer as an administrator.
  • Once the corrupted McAfee application is uninstalled from your computer, restart it.
  • Reinstall the McAfee product and check whether the issue persists.

McAfee Spyware Checking Is Off

If your McAfee application’s spyware checking feature is turned off, you can turn it on manually.

  • Open McAfee on your computer.
  • Click the Navigation button on the right-hand side panel.
  • Use the scroll bar to navigate to the Real-Time Scanning option. Click it.
  • Click the Turn On button at the top of the McAfee Real-Time Scanning screen.
  • Click the Done button beside it.
  • Real-time scanning is now enabled, and it protects the computer from spyware, malware, and viruses.


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