McAfee Installation error on Windows

McAfee Installation error on Windows

If you end up with an error on your Windows computer while installing the McAfee software, don’t worry. The issue might have occurred due to several reasons. However, this article can help you fix the McAfee installation error on your Windows computer. Try out all the troubleshooting techniques mentioned below and fix the issue efficiently.

Check your Operating System

  • If your Operating System is not compatible with McAfee, you will encounter an error while installing the McAfee software.
  • In those instances, upgrade your OS to the recent version and check whether the error disappears.

Fix viruses and malware

  • Viruses and malware that exist on your computer can block the installation of McAfee software.
  • Thus, scan your computer thoroughly and quarantine the infected files.
  • Now, check whether you can install McAfee on your Windows computer.

Uninstall antivirus software

  • If you already have different antivirus software on your computer, it will stop the installation of McAfee.
  • Thus, uninstall the other antivirus from your computer. in most cases, Windows Defender itself may block the installation of other antivirus software. Therefore, disable Windows Defender temporarily and check whether the issue is fixed.

Check for other incompatible programs

  • There are some programs that can stop the installation of McAfee on your Windows computer. In those instances, you can get rid of the installation error by deleting the incompatible software from your computer.
  • Open the Task Manager on your Windows computer by pressing the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously to identify the incompatible software. Close all the ongoing programs one by one. Whenever you close a program, check whether the error code has disappeared. When you find the exact program that causes the issue, uninstall it from your computer and then try the installation process again.

Disable firewall

  • In most cases, a firewall can block the installation of antivirus software. Thus, check whether the installation error on your Windows computer has occurred due to the settings on your firewall.
  • Thus, disable the firewall on your computer temporarily and check whether the installation error is fixed.

Run as administrator

  • Sometimes, you may end up with an installation error when you have signed in to your account without the required permission. In that case, log out of your computer and log in again as an administrator.
  • Now, try to reinstall McAfee and check whether you have resolved the issue.


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