How to fix Mcafee Event Log Communicating Error?

McAfee is a security software tool, and the event log stores the data of the activity of the McAfee product on the system. The log files are stored on the system in the TEMP folder (for Windows), and they automatically update when the McAfee communicates with the event log. At times, a communication error occurs, which can lead to trouble. Continue to read to understand the reasons for the Mcafee Event Log Communicating Error and the different ways to solve it.

Mcafee Event Log Communicating Error

Causes of the error:

  • A technical glitch on the current version of the Endpoint Security can lead to the communication problem.
  • The error can occur when the database file of the McAfee is corrupted.
  • If the Event logging is turned off on the console, the communication error appears.
  • Incorrect settings on the ENS console leads to the error.

Solutions for the error:

1. Enable Event logging

Event logging is turned on by default, yet, check if it is enabled on the console using the below steps.

  • Open the local console and select the Common menu.
  • After that, click Settings and then the Advanced Settings menu.
  • Select Event Logging and then set the logging level required to maintain the McAfee product.

2. Remove the corrupted file

  • Visit the ENS Console and disable the Self Protection feature.
  • Next, go to the ENS data directory, which is located in the ProgramData folder under the C:\ drive.
  • Find the file with the name DADEvents.db and delete it.
  • Now, restart the ENS console and the deleted file will reappear without any logging errors.
  • Again, navigate to the ENS console main window and enable Self Protection.

3. Change Protection settings

  • Open the Policy Catalogue, select the ENS console, and click Categories.
  • Following that, select the Access Protection Policies and choose Proper policy.
  • Make the necessary policy settings and save them. Check if the error has cleared.
  • For troubleshooting Mcafee Event Log Communicating Error and remote assistance, contact us.


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