Why My Mcafee Antivirus Scan Not Working?

 McAfee Antivirus Scan Not Working

McAfee is one of the leading cybersecurity programs that help in protecting the data on a device from malware and other security threats when connected to the Internet. Sometimes McAfee antivirus scan not working due to some reasons. Just follow the below instructions to rectify that.

Reasons For Issue

  • Due to improper installation.
  • Your antivirus may not be updated.
  • Incompatible antivirus version.
  • Due to large files on the device.

Here, we guide you through some methods to fix the McAfee antivirus scan is not working issue.

Reboot Your Device

The very first method action to be taken when this issue occurs is to reboot your system. Most of the time, rebooting the device might solve the issue. If not, go to the next step.

Enabling Access Protection

  • Open the McAfee antivirus program on your device.
  • Click on Navigation at the top right corner.
  • Click General Settings and Alerts.
  • Enable Use Access Protection.

Remove And Reinstall McAfee

  • Uninstall the existing McAfee antivirus program on your device.
  • Reboot your device and again install McAfee.
  • Now, check if you are able to scan your device using McAfee.

Enable Scan Using Minimal Resources

  • Open McAfee antivirus on your device.
  • Choose Run a scan option.
  • Select Custom scan.
  • Deselect the Scan using minimal resources option.
  • Now, click Scan

Skip The Large File Paths

  • Go to the McAfee antivirus program interface on your computer.
  • Navigate to the Real-time scanning option and slide the button to On. This will turn on the real-time scanning feature.
  • Select PC security.
  • Choose Run a scan.
  • Select Custom scan.
  • Deselect the large file paths.
  • Click Scan. Now, check if the McAfee antivirus scan not working issue has been fixed.


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