Why My Malwarebytes Error Installing?

Malwarebytes Error Installing

Malware bytes is an anti-malware software designed to remove damages caused by malware, which causes damage to your computer, server, or network. The software is provided for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. It enables your PC to stay away from malware and makes your PC work efficiently without any damages.Error while installing Malwarebytes is a common issue that happens not only while installing Malwarebytes but also for many other software. So, solving the problem of Malwarebytes error installing can be done by following simple basic steps.

Steps To Resolve

Issue of showing error while installing Malwarebytes can be easily solved by following some simple measures such as:

Check Internet Connection

  • Make sure that you have a proper Internet connection. Sometimes, a poor connection will lead to an error while performing the installation. So, check whether the Internet connection is stable and continue installing your Malwarebytes.

Close The Running Programs

  • Programs running in the background will also interfere while performing the installation. So, try closing all the programs and explorer before installing Malwarebytes.

Disable Other Antivirus Software

  • The error occurs due to other programs interfering and corrupting your installation. So, try to disable the other antivirus software on your PC temporarily and make sure you enable them again after your installation.
  • While disabling the other antivirus software, don't forget to disable your proxy settings too.
  • Install the software on a local drive.
  • Try downloading the software on a local drive instead of downloading on a network drive as the network drive fails to perform the task sometimes. And also, prefer an offline installer as it will reduce the issue of showing errors while installing.

Installation Of Malwarebytes Offline Software

  • You can download the Malwarebytes offline installer from the official web page of Malwarebytes.
  • Make sure that you download the software that supports your PC's OS.
  • Accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Install.
  • Locate the Installation wizard and launch the installation process offline.
  • Make sure that you run the software on a local drive and perform your installation.
  • Try to install the software automatically when your installation wizard asks for automatic installation.
  • Perform a reboot when your installation process is completed to launch the software.

Uninstall And Reinstall

  • Reinstalling your software or updating your software may resolve the issue.
  • Uninstall the Malwarebytes software from the drive and reinstall it.
  • While installing, make sure that you install the software that supports your PC's OS.
  • Also, make sure that you download the file on the local drive and install the Malwarebytes software.

Following the above simple steps to resolve the Malwarebytes error installing issue and work efficiently.


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