Kaspersky Windows Installer Error

Basically, Kaspersky is an antivirus software that protects your network device against malicious files by regularly scanning the files stored on your computer. Kaspersky works on Windows as well as on Mac computers and is well suited for Android and iOS smartphones. Kaspersky security is one of the most popular and well-respected antivirus software in the current market. It provides way more features and protection compared to its competitors. A significant issue that most users face these days is that the antivirus software uninstalls itself from the computer and has problems with the installation. In this article, we will dive deep into various troubleshooting steps that can solve the query running on your mind - Kaspersky Windows installer error.

Kaspersky Windows Installer Error

Troubleshooting steps:

If you haven’t installed Kaspersky Antivirus software in the past, then the below steps will help you a lot.

  • First, uninstall the other antivirus program completely from your computer.
  • Any registry key that is leftover will also cause the installer problem.
  • To clear it, press the Windows and R keys to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Type Regedit and tap the OK button.
  • Navigate to the following - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run.
  • Search for the avp**_ post_uninstall registry key and right-click on it.
  • Choose the Delete option.
  • Now try to install the Kaspersky product manually.

Kaspersky application installation error:

  • The first solution is to create a restore point on your computer.
  • Type the text - Create a Restore Point in the search bar of Windows.
  • Click it once you find it.
  • Under the System Protection section, select the drive or folder for which you want to create a backup and tap Configure.
  • In the next screen, highlight the checkbox near the Turn On System Protection option.
  • Click the Create button and enter a description for the restore point.
  • Check if you have entered the correct activation code in the Activation window.
  • If you have installed any previous version of the Kaspersky software, then uninstall it using the removal tool.

Kaspersky malfunction error:

  • Open Windows Defender from the Start menu of your computer.
  • Click on the Settings button available at the top part of the screen.
  • Select the Update & Security option from the Settings window.
  • Disable the Real-Time Protection option in the consecutive screen.
  • Check if the error has been resolved.
  • Next, open the Kaspersky software on your system and click the Settings option.
  • Choose the Full Scan option followed by the Settings button.
  • You have to modify the File Type Setting to Files Scanned by Format.
  • If the scan process takes longer time than you have expected, then stop it and uncheck the checkbox near the Parse Email Formats option.
  • Tap the Additional button and tick the box near the Do Not Unpack Compound Files Larger Than 100MB option.
  • Set the file size to 20MB and click the OK button.
  • Make use of the slider bar near the Heuristics Analysis option to perform a deep scan.
  • Uncheck the checkbox near the iSwift Technology and iChecker Technology option.

Kaspersky Uninstallation Process :

As the last troubleshooting step, you can uninstall and reinstall the Kaspersky Antivirus software.

  • Open the Control Panel window.
  • Find out Kaspersky Internet security, right-click on it to uninstall the program.
  • Now several windows open up as part of the deletion process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed further.
  • Your PC will hardly take a few minutes to complete the deletion process.
  • A dialog box opens up by telling you to restart your computer, click the NO option.
  • Open the Run command.
  • Type Regedit and click OK.
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE- SOFTWARE-Microsoft-SystemCertificates-SPC
  • Under SPC, you will find Certificates; right-click on it, a small menu opens up, click on the delete option.
  • Now, a small dialog box opens up; click Yes to delete the key and its subsets permanently.
Kaspersky Uninstallation Process
  • As the deletion process is completed, you can restart your computer.
  • Install the Kaspersky Antivirus for the second time.

So, by following the above troubleshooting steps, your computer can quickly recover from the Kaspersky Windows installer error. On the other hand, if you are still facing the Kaspersky Windows installer error on our computer, do contact our technicians. They will work remotely to solve all the errors.


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