Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Iphone

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Iphone
  • Due to many security reasons, you might have installed and used an antivirus software on your computer. But do you think an antivirus software must be installed and used on an iPhone? The below section of this page covers everything you need to know about the security built into iOS devices and the Kaspersky mobile antivirus app for iPhone.
  • The iOS platform has been designed with the maximum security features, and they are almost enough to secure your iPhone or iPad from viruses or malware. However, once in a while, hackers/ cybercriminals find a way to spread viruses in the iOS device and try to hack the data stored in the infected devices. So, many people prefer installing and using the antivirus app on their iPhones. But, unfortunately, there are no proper antivirus apps for the iOS device available on the App Store. 
  • You can’t even install a third-party antivirus application on your iPhone because the iOS devices are designed to install the apps that are downloaded only from its official App Store. If you do a search for antivirus on the App Store, you can find apps called “Internet Security.” You can install and use it on your iPhone if necessary.
  • But, you can’t expect it to act as an antivirus app because the Internet Security applications are not antivirus apps or utilities; instead, these apps provide some security features like anti-phishing, anti-tracking, VPNs, parental control utilities, ad blockers, antitheft solutions, password managers, etc. 
  • Almost all antivirus software developers, including Kaspersky, don’t develop antivirus apps for iOS. So, if you search “Kaspersky mobile antivirus for iPhone,” you can’t find anything on the web.

Can I protect my iPhone from viruses or malware without an antivirus application?

YES! You can protect your iPhone from virus or malware attacks without using the antivirus app. Try these simple tricks to protect your iOS device from viruses or malware.

  • Keep your iPhone up-to-date. 
  • Provide access only to the trusted apps.
  • Avoid opening or tapping the unsecured webpage or link while using the browser.
  • Always install the apps from the Apple App Store. 

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