Why My Kaspersky Failed To Delete Task?

 Kaspersky Failed To Delete Task

Security is of utmost importance when it comes to network devices. Among the antivirus software available for device security, Kaspersky holds a prominent place because of the features it provides. In Kaspersky, you can add tasks like remote installation. You can manage the aligned tasks as per your desire. You can also delete the configured tasks by going to the Manage tab. However, there are also chances for errors to occur while deleting a task. So, if Kaspersky failed to delete task, make use of the troubleshooting methods given on this page.Before going into the troubleshooting methods, let’s see the two important causes of Kaspersky failing to delete a task.


  • Incorrect credentials
  • Using an inactive account 


Solution 1: Entering Correct Password

Using an invalid account password may lead to this issue. Configure the correct password for the account that is specified for the task. To do so, follow the below instructions.

  • Launch the Kaspersky application.
  • Go to the Manage tab.
  • Choose your account for which you want to change the password.
  • Type the correct password by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, try to delete the task and check whether Kaspersky is able to delete the task.

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Solution 2: Deselect “Assign Package Installation In Active Directory Group Policies” Option

  • Launch the Kaspersky remote installation wizard on your computer.
  • Go to the window named Defining remote installation task settings.
  • Locate the Assign package installation in Active Directory group policies option and deselect it by unchecking the box beside it.
  • Click on the Save button.

Solution 3: Provide Necessary Permissions For Your Account

  • In the Kaspersky remote installation window, select the account for which you want to provide the necessary permission.
  • Click on the Control Panel option.
  • Choose the Administrative Tools option followed by Group Policy Management.
  • Select the node and click on Delegation.
  • Choose the Link GPOs option from the Permission drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Add button. 
  • Similarly, provide necessary permission for your account.

Check if the Kaspersky failed to delete task issueis resolved. If not, click on thecallbutton to get remote assistance in resolving this issue.


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