Kaspersky Blocking Wireless Network

Kaspersky Antivirus Blocking Wireless Network

  • The Kaspersky Blocking wireless network because the Firewall and Kaspersky allowing network sharing options are disabled.
  • Launch your Windows OS and click on Kaspersky.
  • Once the Kaspersky Internet Security opens, locate the Settings menu.
  • Click on Settings and Firewall option.
  • Open the Networks and ensure if two connections are seen on the screen.
  • Navigate through the local network, perform a right-click, and choose the trusted network option.

You can also choose to work with the Firewall settings.

  • Open the Firewall settings under the Settings option and select the Packet rulers tab.
  • Filter all networks to ensure security on local network and internet, and turn it ON.
  • Right-click on the TCP (Local Servers) option and set the option to allow.
  • Set the same option for UDP (Local Servers) as well.
  • You will find three checkboxes:
    • Check for Allow connections on random ports.
    • Do not check for Do not disable Firewall.
    • Check for Block network users if not prompted for action.
  • Click the OK but and apply the settings.
  • The Kaspersky will allow access to wireless networks and network sharing. If still you are facing Kaspersky blocking wireless network issue, contact our technical team.
Kaspersky Blocking Wireless Network


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