K7 Antivirus Firewall

The k7 Antivirus smart firewall will automatically allocate the protection level of the network depending on the location choice of the user. It also enables and helps you to record network events logs and access to an application.

K7 Antivirus Firewall Configuration

Perform the following steps to configure the K7 antivirus firewall.

  • First, sign in to the K7 Security UTM.
  • Next, on the main screen, click the Configuration tab and then go to the Firewall or the NAT tab.
  • Select the Filter Rules and then click the Add button.
  • Create a Rule Name to specify the rules quickly.
  • Now, in the Protocol Action, choose Accept, Drop, or Reject depending on the requirement.
  • Make sure to configure the protocol accordingly.
  • Set the Protocol Action as Drop and then choose Protocol as TCP & UDP.
  • Next, go to the Source Zone, select Source Address, and give the IP or Mac address. Exclude the address if any IP is out of the rule.
  • Now, choose Source Zone as LAN and then select Source address and ports.
  • Go to the Destination Zone, enter the server Zone in DMZ/WAN. Also, provide the destination address and the port number.
  • Set the Destination Zone as DMZ and set the Ports to 3389.
  • After configuring the settings, click the Save button and then restart the service.

How To Disable K7 Antivirus Firewall

Perform the following steps to disable the firewall on K7 Antivirus.

  • First, open the K7 antivirus program on the computer.
  • Next, on the Welcome screen, click the Settings tab.
  • Now, click the Firewall tab in the Settings window.
  • Go to the Firewall Protection option and click the Toggle button to the ON position.
  • Once done, close the K7 Antivirus window.
How To Disable K7 Antivirus Firewall
How To Disable Firewall In K7 Total Security

How To Disable Firewall In K7 Total Security

Proceed with the following instructions to disable the firewall in K7 Total Security.

  • First, verify the connection setup and try to restart the PC, modem, and router.
  • Next, check the Firewall exceptions. Now, go to the Network interface and then click Properties.
  • Click Internet Protocol Advanced Options IP security Properties.
  • Finally, provide a rule between the two boxes on both sides of the connection.

Firewall Alert Incoming Packet Blocked In K7

  • This ‘Firewall alert incoming packet blocked in K7’ message indicates that an unknown source has tried to hack the device, and the firewall in the Antivirus is blocking its attempts to hack the system.
  • To troubleshoot this issue, check the settings that you have made in the antivirus to block these notifications.
  • Make sure to connect via a good NAT router.
Firewall Alert Incoming Packet Blocked In K7

K7 Antivirus Firewall Blocking Internet

Execute the following steps to troubleshoot this problem.

K7 antivirus firewall blocking internet
  • Sign in to the K7 antivirus program by double-clicking its desktop icon.
  • Next, choose Application Control in the dashboard and then click Block rule from the pull-down list.
  • Now, select New Rule and give a rule name. Navigate to the application that has to be blocked and the name of the application that has to be excluded.
  • Select the Group or the computer in which the application blocking has to be configured and click Next.
  • Select an appropriate Access type to disable the application.
  • Make sure not to select Block Internet access from the pull-down list under the Block access tab.
  • At last, click the Save button to apply the settings.

K7 Antivirus Firewall Add Exceptions

The following steps can help you add exceptions to the K7 antivirus firewall.

  • Click the Settings tab at the top of the K7 Security main console.
  • Next, select the Real-Time Protection option under the Antivirus and Antispyware option.
  • Now, click the Click Here to Manage Exclusions option.
  • The Exclude list prompt box will appear. You can find the list of folders or files excluded from protection.
  • Click the Add Entry button to add the files you want to exclude, and type the path of the file in the Add New Exclude Entry box.
  • Choose the options: Exclude from Real-Time Scanner (for excluding the chosen files or folders from the real-time scan), Exclude from Offline scanner (for excluding the chosen file from the offline scan), and Include Subfolders (for excluding the subfolders from the folder chosen from the scan).
  • Click the OK option. The added file will be excluded from protection.

K7 Antivirus Firewall Not Starting

  • First, restart the Firewall service.
  • Next, execute a Registry tweak.
  • If the issue persists, try to reset the firewall settings.
  • Try disabling and enabling the firewall by following the steps below.
  • Open the K7 Antivirus program and then select the Settings tab.
  • Next, click the Firewall tab and then turn the Firewall toggle button to the off position.
  • Again, click the Firewall toggle button to the On position.
  • Now, check whether the issue persists.
K7 Antivirus Firewall Not Starting


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