How To Get Intego Antivirus For Windows?

Intego antivirus for Windows

Intego Antivirus was initially designed to work with the Mac as third-party security software. Later the firm revealed its first antivirus product for Windows and declared that it would clean malware within a fraction of seconds. To install Intego Antivirus on your Windows computer, you can purchase a subscription or get a free trial version.So, how do you download and install Intego Antivirus on your Windows computer? Here we explain. Keep reading this page to know how to get Intego antivirus for Windows.

Downloading Intego:

  • Go to the official Intego website.
  • Click on Buy Now and provide the required payment details.
  • If you'd like to try it before you purchase, you can click on the Free-Trial button, which is in blue color. 

Once you have purchased your copy of Intego Antivirus, start with the downloading and installing process of the antivirus software on your windows.The process can be done in two ways. Either click on the download link that'll be emailed to you by Intego, or you can download it from its official website itself.Depending on your Internet speed, the installation file will be downloaded onto your device within a few seconds. You can find the downloaded IntegoSetup.exe file on your Windows computer.

How to install Intego in Windows?

The installation process begins by going to the Downloads folder.

  • Ru the IntegoSetup.exe file and double-click on it.
  • It prompts permission for the app to make changes; you need to press the Yes button to proceed further.
  • Now, the Intego Antivirus Setup page appears.
  • Go through the online instructions to install the antivirus for Windows.

The last part is activating Intego Antivirus. Activating process depends on your mode of purchase.As soon as you've installed and activated the antivirus software, it'll come alive and start to protect your system from different online threats. This is the simplest method to install Intego antivirus for Windows computer.


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