How To Work CCleaner Network?

 How To Work CCleaner Network?

The CCleaner Network software helps to resolve some of the common problems on your system similar to freeing up hard disk space. To know how to work CCleaner networks software, refer to this page.


You can install and set up CCleaner Network using any one of the following methods.

Method 1 - Trial Version

  • Download the installer of the CCleaner Network software from the official manufacturer website.
  • Double-click the installer, proceed with the on-screen instructions until you see the Default host tree window, and click Next followed by Finish.

Method 2 - Typical Installation

  • Select your network configuration.
  • Install the management service and console.
  • Add your network to the console.
  • Scan your network.
  • Deploy Endpoint agents.

Method 3 - Advanced

The Advanced installation can be used only in the following situations.

  • Upgrading a trial version.
  • Updating CCleaner Network.

Optimizing Endpoints

The main function of the CCleaner Network tool is to keep your Endpoints safe, secure, and fast. To know how to work CCleaner network software for Optimization, read the following steps.

  • Endpoint health - It will analyze your Endpoints and calculates the score indicating the Clean or Defrag score.
  • Cleaning Files - It helps to clean all your extraneous files and settings from Endpoints.
  • Cleaning the Registry - You can clean the unwanted registries.
  • Using Tools - You can enable or disable any program that starts during system startup.
  • Using Defraggler - This is one of the best defragmentation tools. By defragmenting, you can speed up Endpoints.
  • Changing what the Cleaner cleans - You can change which sections of Windows, applications, and users CCleaner Network should clean. In addition, you can schedule CCleaner Network to run.
  • Typical Management Tasks - This involves diagnosing problems, resolving issues, maintenance tasks, administrative tasks, and update CCleaner Network.
  • Adding Custom Programs to be Cleaned - By customizing any specific program, you can clean its related files and registry entries.

Configuring The Management Service

Using this, you can manage the services as well as works with the database of the CCleaner Network tool.


This will help to keep a tab on your Network and Endpoints. You can even perform the following:

  • Generating reports
  • Reports and temporary groups
  • Printing, emailing, and exporting reports
  • Customizing reports


  • It includes licensing multiple networks as well as special cases (virtual hosts and terminal server). You can activate your network license manually.


  • You can get tools and techniques to resolve a few of the common issues using support. If you have any further queries on how to work CCleaner network, contact our technical experts.


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