How To Use Comodo Firewall For Spyware?

How to use Comodo firewall - Spyware is a malicious software. Hackers can easily invade computers and networks that are insecure using spyware. It gets downloaded without your knowledge if you just click an unwanted web link. Some of the hackers use spyware to track your e-commerce buys and send you pop-up ads. A firewall is the most effective software to protect the computer from spyware. You can even configure your firewall settings. Comodo has a built-in firewall feature. It works proactively against spyware for the protection of your computer.

 How To Use Comodo Firewall?

How To Set Up Firewall Feature In The Comodo Internet Security?

  • Launch the Comodo Internet Security program on your computer.
  • Click the green curved arrow at the upper-right corner of the screen.

Stealth Ports Settings

Click the Firewall Tasks button, select the Stealth Ports option, and choose the Block Incoming Connections option.

Network Zones Settings

  • Navigate to the Firewall Tasks tab and select the Open Advanced Settings option.
  • Click the Network Zones option in the left panel.
  • In the main panel, navigate to the Network Zones and check if the IP addresses in the Loopback Zone and Local Area Network fields.
  • Click OK at the lower-end of the screen.

Firewall Behavior Settings

  • Go to the Firewall Tasks section and click Open Advanced Settings.
  • Click the Firewall Settings option in the left panel.
  • In the main panel, select the checkbox beside the Enable Firewall option and choose the Safe Mode option from its drop-down menu.
  • Navigate to the Alert Settings section, select the checkbox next to the ‘Set alert frequency level’ option, and choose the Low option.
  • Go to the Advanced section.
  • Select the ‘Do Protocol Analysis’ and ‘Enable anti-ARP spoofing’ options, and click OK. If you need remote assistance on how to use Comodo firewall, contact our technical experts.


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