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How To Uninstall F Secure Antivirus?

 How To Uninstall F Secure Antivirus?

About F-Secure

How to uninstall F Secure antivirus? - F-Secure is an advanced detection & protection technology which focuses on protecting PCs' from modern cyber threats, including virus, spyware, worms, malicious email connections, malware, etc. The program was found in 1988, so it's perhaps the oldest brand in the antivirus business, which without a doubt, has acquired its name in fighting out PC infections. In spite of being an adequate protection utility for the Macs and Windows PCs, F-Secure can now and then cause system slowdowns, slow bootups, and frequent freezes. It is reported that several people are unable to uninstall this program. To uninstall these files, you need to buy an officially licensed version of uninstaller software. If the uninstaller fails to remove the software, proceed with the steps below.

Uninstaller Is Accessible in Control Panel Uninstall It Conventionally

  • Open Task Manager and check if the F-Secure process is running. If you see it running, right-click on it and select Disable.
  • Now, find the program's icon in the Windows taskbar, right-click on it, and select Exit.
  • Once done, press Windows key + I and open the Apps window.
  • Search for the F Secure section, click on it, and select Uninstall.
  • Now, in the Control Panel window, open the Programs and Features window.
  • Uninstall the F-Secure program. The F-Secure uninstall is remembered on the list. Click on it and select Uninstall.
  • To eliminate all the F-secure related files, press Windows key + R, type regedit, and press Enter.
  • Now, click Edit at the top and select Find. Remove the trace files on Windows Registry Editor.
  • Enter F-Secure in the Windows search box and click Find Next.
  • Eliminate all F-secure related entries detected.
  • Do not forget to reboot your PC. If you still have any queries on how to uninstall F Secure antivirus, click the call button.


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