How to How To Unblock Something on Webroot?

The Webroot security service on your device helps to safeguard the web browsing activity and protects the device from external malicious programs. Follow the steps given below on how to unblock something on Webroot.

Unblocking Something On Webroot

How To Unblock Something On Webroot?

Method-1: Unblocking Files

  • Open the Webroot SecureAnywhere application on the computer, and then the Webroot window opens up.
  • Click the PC Security gear icon at the right-side panel.
  • Then, select the Block/Allow Files tab, the blocked list of programs and files will appear in the window.
  • The three protection levels are displayed, choose the Allow radio button next to the file to allow the file during the malware scan process.
  • Otherwise, select the Monitor radio button to scan the program or file during the regular malware scans.

Method-2: Remove Quarantined Items

  • In the PC Security section, select the Quarantine tab.
  • Click the files and programs under Quarantine Items and select the Restore button.

Method-3: Unblock Websites & Applications

  • If the Identity Shield of Webroot blocks the files or application, then mount the Webroot SecureAnywhere application.
  • Navigate to the Identity & Privacy tab and then click the View/Edit Protected Applications link to unblock the applications on Mac. Else, click the View/Edit Protected Websites link below to unblock the websites on the web browser.
  • After unblocking the unnecessary websites and applications, save the Webroot settings.

Method-4: Modify The System Control

  • After opening the Webroot SecureAnywhere application, select the gear icon of the Utilities menu.
  • Next, click the System Control tab and select Start.
  • Following that, a list of running programs displays in the Webroot window, change the security status to “Allow” or “Monitor” for the programs you want to unblock.
  • Then, close the Webroot window.

Method-5: Change Application Protection

  • In the Webroot SecureAnywhere application window, select the gear icon beside the Identity Protection menu at the right end.
  • Under Application Protection, a list of protected applications appears. Select the application name you have to allow the information access for and click the Allow radio button. If you need a remote assistance on how to unblock something on Webroot, Contact our technical experts.


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