How To Unblock Something On Bullguard

How To Unblock Something On Bullguard?

If you have a question on your mind on how to unblock something on Bullguard, just read these instructions. Bullguard is a capable and fully functional antivirus software. It has a reputation for being one of the best and most effective antiviruses for PC gamers. This antivirus is equipped with features like malware detection and identity theft protection. Another unique feature that Bullguard boasts is the Game Booster. Bullguard Antivirus comes along with parental controls, firewall, VPN, and ID protection. The malware scanner is yet another strong aspect available on your Bullguard Antivirus. These features will make sure that your system and your kids are protected from all types of malicious software. The Bullguard firewall will hide all your ports by putting them in the Sneakiness Mode. Although the firewall blocks your sites for security reasons, it might become a trouble sometimes. In some situations, your Bullguard firewall will constantly keep blocking one of your games. In rare cases, it will continue to block your favorite game even after you turn it off. Bullguard support offers a solution to this particular issue.

Unblock A Game Blocked By Bullguard Firewall:

  • On your computer, open the Bullguard firewall application.
  • Navigate to the Settings section and then choose the Antivirus option.
  • Next, go to Advanced and select the Tuning option.
  • Now, select the checkbox provided next to the Skip files/folders option.
  • Click the highlighted files/folders title.
  • Finally, click the Plus (+) sign that is provided in the section that is currently open. By performing this action, you will be adding an exception to the concerned game folder.

The above steps will help you know how to unblock something on Bullguard that are usually blocked by your Bullguard firewall. We have now seen the steps involved in unblocking specific sites on Bullguard.


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