How To Turn Off Kaspersky Firewall?

 How To Turn Off Kaspersky Firewall?

How to turn off Kaspersky firewall - Keeping your system safe from all kinds of viruses and malware is essential. One of the best programs that help you safeguard your computer from threats is Kaspersky. If your computer is not protected with a security program like Kaspersky, hackers might get hold of your personal details, including banking information. The Firewall feature in Kaspersky helps to control all your network connections. You can even secure your local area network from unauthorized access.

Uses Of The Kaspersky Firewall Feature

  • Editing network properties
  • Blocking an application or a program from connecting to the network
  • Creating or modify packet rules
  • Defining a range of IP addresses

By default, if the Kaspersky Firewall is enabled, it blocks any outside programs from being installed on your computer. This is one of the major reasons why you cannot install any other software or program on the computer. In such cases, you have to disable the Kaspersky firewall feature temporarily. To do this, carry out the step-by-step guidelines given on this page.

Step 1

Open the Kaspersky program on your computer and click the Settings button.

Step 2

  • Kaspersky Internet Security - Navigate to the Protection Center section and select the Firewall Component option.
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security - Navigate to the Essential Threat Protection section and select the Firewall option.

Step 3

  • In the main panel, deselect the checkbox next to the ‘Enable Firewall’ option.Note: You can enable or turn on the Kaspersky Firewall feature anytime by selecting the checkbox beside the ‘Enable Firewall’ option.

Step 4

  • Save the altered settings by selecting the Save option. This will turn off the Kaspersky Firewall feature.Now, you can install any other program on the computer without any problem because Kaspersky Firewall will not conflict with the program installation. If you still have any queries on how to turn off Kaspersky firewall, contact our technical experts.


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