How To Transfer Norton Antivirus To Another Computer?

The Norton Antivirus application can be installed on multiple devices, either on a computer or any mobile device, according to the purchase you have made from the Norton Store. If you have exceeded the number of devices for usage, you can easily remove an unused device from the subscription. Consider the methods given below to remove an active subscription from a device and install and transfer Norton antivirus to another computer.

Removing Norton Antivirus from an existing device:

  • Open the official Norton website and click Sign In on the Welcome to My Norton page.
  • Enter the login credentials of your Norton account and sign in to the Norton page.
  • Click on the Account icon and select the My Subscriptions option from the list.
  • Select Help and click the Manage License tile.
  • Choose the device which you are going to transfer to your new device in the Manage Device section. 
  • Select the Remove Norton option and click Next.
  • Click Yes when prompted for confirmation to remove Norton from the Manage licenses page.
  • If you are currently logged in to your new computer, click Install Now. Then, click Download.
  • Open the installer file and continue to install the Norton Antivirus application by following the prompts and then transfer Norton antivirus to another computer.

Installing the Norton Antivirus on the other computer:


  • Open the Norton Antivirus application and select the Device Security option. Click the Open button next to it
  • In the main Antivirus window, click the Install on Another Device link.
  • Enter the email address in the space provided for it. Then, click the Send icon.
  • You will receive a download link to the email address that you have entered.
  • Launch the email application on the other computer in which you want to install the Norton Antivirus application.
  • Open the Norton email and click on the Download Now button.
  • Click the Agree & Download tab when you are redirected to the Get Started page of Norton onec the download complte transfer Norton antivirus to another computer.
  • Wait until the downloading process is complete, the Norton Download manager will get downloaded to your computer.
  • Open the Download manager to download the Norton Antivirus application compatible with your computer automatically.
  • When the User Account Control window appears, click Yes to allow the app to make changes on your device. 
  • In the My Norton application window, click on the Install button.
  • You can use your Antivirus application on the new device and uninstall it from the old device if not required.


  • Open your browser and go to the official Norton website.
  • Navigate to the Manage section and click the Sign In button on the Welcome page for transfer Norton antivirus to another computer.
  • Enter the login credentials of your Norton account and click Sign In.
  • Once are have logged into your account, click the Home tab and click on the Download Norton button.
  • On the download page, select the Install on another Device tab. 
  • Enter your email address to receive the download link.
  • Log in to your email account and open the email that you received from Norton. 
  • Click on the Install now button and select Agree & Download.
  • Locate the downloaded file and open it. Follow the instructions to install the Antivirus application on your computer.
  • If you have exceeded the number of users for the subscription, you can upgrade your subscription from the official Norton website.
  • Now, your Norton Antivirus application will be successfully transfer Norton antivirus to another computer easily.


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