How To Temporarily Remove Norton From Mac

When the Norton Security software installed on your Mac computer keeps blocking the installation of another application, then you can disable the Norton Security software temporarily. To temporarily remove Norton on your computer, you have to turn off the Scans and Firewall in it.

Turning off scan in Norton:

The steps to turn off the security scans in Norton temporarily are given below.

  • Launch the Norton Security application on your Mac computer.
  • When the user interface of the Norton Security application is displayed, click the Advanced tab located at the bottom of the interface.
  • In the Advanced settings window, click the Protect My Mac option.
  • The right side of the interface will list all the available scans. The scans that are enabled can be identified by the green color toggle button beside the scan.
  • Click the toggle buttons beside the Automatic Scans, Scheduled Scans, and Idle Scans options to disable them.
  • When the scans are disabled, the toggle button should turn gray.
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Turn off Firewall Protection in Norton:

In order to remove or disable Norton security on your Mac computer, you must disable the Firewall as well. The steps given here will help you to turn off the Firewall settings on Mac.

  • Open the Norton Security software.
  • Go to the Advanced tab.
  • Now, click the Firewall tab in the Advanced settings window.
  • Turn off all the blocking options such as Application blocking, Connection Blocking, Vulnerability Protection, and Location Awareness.

Disable Norton from System tray:

You can also disable the Norton Security software from the system tray on your Mac computer.

  • Locate the Norton icon in the system tray or menu bar of your Mac computer.
  • Right-click the Norton icon.
  • Select the Disable Auto-Protect option.
  • Right-click the Norton icon again and select Disable Smart Firewall.
  • If prompted, enter the time duration for the Firewall to be disabled on your Mac computer.

Keep in mind that disabling the Norton antivirus software may push your Mac towards vulnerability. So, once your task is finished, make sure you turn on the Firewall and scans by performing the steps mentioned above.


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