How To Switch To Avast Passwords?

 How To Switch To Avast Passwords?

Avast Passwords is a component of Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus. This component is very useful for streamline user accounts because it provides a master password for these user accounts. Avast has discontinued the Avast Passwords component for some reasons. So, it is no longer available. But, still, the existing subscribers (users who have already installed it on their computer) can continue to use the Avast Passwords component on the computer. The below section explains how to switch to Avast Password.If your computer is running the Windows-based OS, then follow the below instructions to know how to switch to Avast passwords.

Set Up Passwords

  • On your Windows computer, launch the Avast antivirus application.
  • Choose the Privacy option followed by Passwords.
  • In the Passwords window, click the GET STARTED button.
  • If you wish to use Avast Secure Browser, then click the Activate in Avast Secure Browser button. Otherwise, click the button labeled “Skip Avast Secure Browser activation.”
  • Click the Enable this item command line followed by the Activate in Google Chrome button. (Note: If you don’t want to use the Google Chrome browser, then click the Skip Google Chrome activation button).
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to configure a password for your Avast Passwords component.

Adding An Account

  • On the Avast Premium Security application’s main screen, click the Passwords tab followed by the Logins sub-tab.
  • Select the ADD MANUALLY option.
  • Now, a window prompting you to type your account name, web address, user name, and password will open.
  • Enter the prompted details and click the Save button.

Congratulations! You have switched to Avast Passwords on your Windows computer.Scroll down this page to know how to switch to Avast Passwords on Android and iOS.

On Android

  • Launch the Avast Premium antivirus app on your Android phone.
  • Tap the Get Started button.
  • In the given field, enter a master password of your desire.
  • After entering the password correctly, tap the Create Password button.
  • To continue with the created password, reenter the same in the prompted field and tap the Confirm button.
  • When prompted for a login, choose the option of your desire from the suggestions.
  • Once you have successfully logged into your account, tap Setup Now > Setup autofill > Enable accessibility > Go to Settings > View Accessibility Settings > Avast Passwords.
  • Provide the necessary permissions and tap OK.
  • Select the Allow custom keyboard option followed by Go to settings.
  • Enable the required permissions and tap OK.
  • Finally, tap the Finish button.

Learn how to switch Avast Passwords on iOS.

On iOS v.12 And Later

  • On the main screen of Avast Passwords, locate and tap the Plus (+) icon.
  • Choose your account type from the list of suggestions. If your account type is not listed, then tap on the Add login option and enter your account details such as the name of website, website address, username, and password.
  • After entering the account details, tap the Tick icon available at the top of the screen.
  • Now, tap on the account tile and select the Edit option.
  • Check whether the entered details are correct. If yes, tap the Tick icon.

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