How To Stop Panda Antivirus Popups?

 How To Stop Panda Antivirus Popups

Panda products are usually cost-effective and powerful. They are being used by many people all over the world. However, every security product comes with minor flaws and drawbacks. One of the common problems that users face with Panda antivirus is the constant popping up of ads. On this page, we shall see how to stop Panda antivirus popups.

Why Do Pop-ups Appear?

When a Panda Antivirus user’s subscription nears expiry, Panda starts displaying pop-up ads in the lower-right corner of the user’s screen. This scenario may happen many times a day. Such pop-up ads actually remind the users that they have to renew their subscriptions. These are displayed with a “Renew Now!” message. Even though they are renewal reminders, they are inappropriately shown as “Panda News.” However, they can annoy and irritate the users. Many people who face this problem wonder how to get rid of the pop-ups without uninstalling or renewing the Panda Antivirus on their computers. Many others even think that they should not renew or continue with their subscriptions.

Steps To Stop Pop-Ups In Panda

You can disable Panda News from the Antivirus’s general settings. The detailed steps to stop Panda Antivirus pop-ups are given below:

  • On your computer, launch Panda Antivirus (in case you are not already within the software).
  • Navigate to the top of the interface and then click on the three lines.
  • You will find that a number of options are displayed. From these options, choose Settings.
  • Locate Panda News. You will find that it is enabled. Now, you have to disable this setting.
  • Once you have turned off Panda News, the annoying pop-up ads will no longer be displayed on your computer screen.
  • You have now successfully know how to stop Panda antivirus popups.


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