How To Shred Files With Avast For Business?

 How To Shred Files With Avast For Business?

Generally, when we sell an old laptop or desktop, one common question that may arise in our mind is whether anyone can access the deleted data from the computer or laptop’s hard drive. To protect your data from unknown users, you can Shred files using an appropriate Data Shredder. Using this feature, you can permanently erase all the deleted files on your computer hardware by overwriting them. Avast for Business Premium Endpoint Security and Avast Premier for consumers offers the Data Shredder feature. Learn how to shred files with Avast for Business in the step-by-step instructions given below.

Step 1: Enable Data Shredder

  • If you’re using Avast for Business, then you can only configure and enable the Data Shredder option through the cloud console.
  • Go to the Settings section followed by Data Shredder.
  • Click the Customize option beside the Data Shredder section.
  • Set the Data Shredder settings as per your desire.
  • If you’re using the consumer version of Avast, then you can configure the Data Shredder option through the desktop client interface.

Step 2: Open Avast

On your computer, open the Avast for Business Client or Avast consumer application.

Step 3: Access “Data Shredder”

  • Click on the Tools tab on the main screen of the Avast application.
  • Look for the Data Shredder option and select it.
  • Now, the Data Shredder tool will open.

Step 4: Start The Shred Process

  • Now, select the partition that you wish to shred from the drop-down menu.
  • After selecting it, click the Shred button.

Step 5: Free Drive Space

  • If you wish to delete data, then select the Clean free space on a disk option from the drop-down menu instead of a partition.
  • Make sure to select the disk correctly.
  • Click the Clean button.

Additional Information

  • If you wish to shred a particular file forever, then highlight and right-click on it first.
  • Choose the Shred using Avast option. The shred process will be initiated by Avast.
  • Similarly, to wipe the whole hard drive on your computer, open the Avast for Business or Avast for consumer application and go to its Privacy section.
  • Click on the Data Shredder icon available on the screen. If you need remote assistance on how to shred files with Avast for Business, click the call button available on the screen.


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