How To Scan Email Attachments For Viruses

 How To Scan Email Attachments For Viruses

Viruses entering computer through email attachments have been around for decades. Millions of computer users around the world have struggled to Know about How To Scan Email Attachments For Viruses. There is no point in downloading a malicious file attachment to your computer and then scanning it. Instead, you must have the feature to scan the malicious attachment before downloading. Or else, you are making your device vulnerable. In order to get rid of viruses, antivirus software is very important for computer users to scan attachments. Scanning your messages from the mail server prevents spam emails or corrupted attachments from going out to your professional or personal networks. Let us see the steps to scan email attachments for viruses on a Windows computer.

Step 1

Go to the email containing the attachment that you want to open.

Step 2

  • Select the attachment icon by clicking on it. This may change depending on the email client you use.
  • If you use Windows Live Mail, click Menu at the top of the email
  • For Mozilla Thunderbird, email attachments are at the bottom of the reading side and the “Save” dialog will be on the bottom right side of the screen.

Step 3

  • Windows users can select Scan with Microsoft Security Essentials. It is a Windows built-in virus scanner, and it will check each and every file that is attached to the email.
  • If you are a Mozilla Thunderbird user, then you can download the file and scan it manually.

Step 4

  • Once your antivirus scan gets completed, you will get to know whether the attachment is safe. If it was infected, it would be safely deleted from your system. Make sure to avoid fake antivirus software during the anivirus installation. From the isolated area, you can check and delete the malicious attachments.

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