How To Scan Computer Using Norton Power Eraser


Norton Power Eraser is an aggressive repair tool that enables you to find and fix issues on your computer. It can eliminate threats that a usual antivirus scan never detects. Even if there is minimal risk in a legitimate program, Norton Power Eraser will mark it as dangerous and pushes it to the risk factor. Thus, after the scanning process, when the scan results are displayed, you should be pretty careful while removing the files from your computer. If you want to know the procedure for scanning a computer using the Norton Power Eraser tool, continue to read the following instructions.

Scan your computer using Norton Power Eraser

  • Launch Norton Power Eraser on your computer.
  • Double-click the Security tab and click the Scans option.
  • On the Scans screen, choose Norton Power Eraser and click on the Go button.
  • In the Norton Power Eraser window, click OK. In the next window, choose Advanced Scans. An advanced scan is exclusively designed for users and technicians who prefer to do specific troubleshooting tasks. In the Advanced window, select Scan System (it does a standard Norton Power Eraser scan on your Windows OS).
  • Now, Norton Power Eraser will start to scan your computer for threats. Once the scanning process gets concluded, it will show the results with possible risks.
  • As previously mentioned, when there is a small risk in a particular legitimate file, Norton will consider it dangerous. Therefore, when the results are displayed, it is recommended to create a restore point before removing the risky files.
  • Moreover, when you remove all the files recommended by Norton Power Eraser, you may encounter a significant change on your computer. Hence, create a restore point by checking the box next to “Create System Restore Point before proceeding with fix (recommended).”
  • Review the results, select the programs you want to remove, and check the box next to the Remove option. Finally, click the Fix Now button.
  • Now, Norton Power Eraser will start removing the chosen files and give you the removal results on the next screen.
  • Once you have reviewed the removal results, click Done and restart your computer.
  • In case you don’t want the implemented changes to continue on your computer, you can reverse most of the changes just by running Norton Power Eraser again. By doing this, the past repair process will be undone.


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