How To Remove Virus From MAC Without Antivirus?

Removing Virus From MAC Without The Antivirus

If you wish to remove virus from MAC without antivirus present on your Mac without using any Antivirus software, follow the below-mentioned methods

Method: 1

  • On your Mac desktop, click the Applications from the Dock panel.
  • In the Applications window, click the "Utilities" icon and select Terminal.
  • In the Terminal window, type the command "sudo su" and press the Enter key.
  • Type your Mac login password and press Enter.
  • Type the command "cd" in the Terminal window for remove virus from MAC without antivirus.
  • Minimize the terminal window and open the virus-infected file from the drive location.
  • Click the infected file and drag it to the Terminal window.
  • Type "rm -f" in the terminal window and drag the infected file again to the Terminal program.
  • Type "exit" press the Enter button to close the Terminal window.
  • Now, remove virus from MAC without antivirus automatically from your Mac computer.

Method: 2

  • If you identified the virus-infected file or software, it could be deleted or removed directly from your Mac.
  • Click the Applications icon in the Dock panel.
  • Locate the infected application from the Applications folder.
  • Give a right-click on it and select Move to Trash.
  • Now, open the Trash and empty all the files and folders.
  • Otherwise, give a right-click on the Trash icon available at the Dock panel and select Empty Trash for remove virus from MAC without antivirus. 

Method: 3

  • Remove the virus from Mac by uninstalling the malicious extensions from the Safari, Chrome, or Firefox browser.
  • Open the Safari browser and click the Safari menu.
  • Select the Preferences option from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Safari Preferences window, click the General tab and select your desired start-up page in the Homepage field.
  • Click the Extensions tab and choose the malicious extensions from the displayed list.
  • Click the Uninstall button to delete the malicious files from your browser finally remove virus from MAC without antivirus.


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