How To Enable Avira Scheduler?

 Enable Avira Scheduler

The Avira free antivirus is a security program that safeguards your computer from malware, spyware, Trojans, and computer worms.The Avira antivirus has a feature called the Scheduler. It comes as a file called sched.exe. The file launches the antivirus service that will allow the user to set a time for the antivirus to scan for viruses automatically. The Avira Scheduler is not a part of the Windows process. If you find that the scheduler causes the problem, you can disable it at any time.The Avira antivirus scheduler is a background process. The antivirus scheduler is a service that can be identified by the name AntiVirSchedulerService. With the help of Avira Scheduler, you can set scans at your own time and on a regular basis. You can also set what kind of scan you would like to perform regularly. In this article, we have provided the steps to enable avira scheduler on a Mac computer.

Steps To Enable

  • Open the Avira antivirus application on your Mac.
  • On the left section of the application, click the Scheduler tab.
  • At the bottom of the scheduler window, click the Add new scan button.
  • The New Scan window will open; enter a name for your scan.
  • You have to select the Scan type that you wish to perform using Avira.
  • Choose the Scan frequency. For this, pick a date to schedule a scan.
  • Set a time to start the scan and set the AM or PM based on your requirement.
  • Once the changes are made to schedule the scan, click the Add button.
  • The moment the scan is configured, it will be listed in the Scheduler.

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