How to Download and run Norton Power Eraser



Norton Power Eraser uses one of the most aggressive scanning technologies to remove the viruses from our computers. It can be considered an aggressive repair tool. Because, when there is a slight risk in a legitimate program, Norton Power Eraser will detect it as dangerous. Still, the best part of Norton Power Eraser is, it can detect threats that an ordinary virus removal tool doesn’t always notice. In simple terms, Norton Power Eraser can help you eradicate threats that are difficult to remove. If you want to know the procedure for downloading and running the Norton Power Eraser tool, follow the instructions below:

Downloading and running the Norton Power Eraser tool

  • Norton Power Eraser is exclusively for the Windows Operating System, and it doesn’t work on Mac, iOS, Android, or any other Operating Systems. Thus, before you go ahead to download Norton Power Eraser, check whether your computer is running the Windows Operating System.
  • Download Norton Power Eraser from the official support page of Norton.
  • Once the download gets completed, locate the downloaded file within the browser or in the Downloads folder.
  • Double-click the setup file and click Yes/Continue in the User Account Control window.
  • When the License Agreement window appears, click Agree. 
  • When the Norton Power Eraser window appears, choose the Full System Scan option and click Run Now.
  • In case you prefer to add the Rootkit scan, click Settings. Under the Scan and Log Settings option, toggle the option that reads Include Rootkit scan (requires a computer restart). Finally, click Apply.
  • Wait until the scanning process gets completed; it will show you the results. As previously mentioned, Norton Power Eraser will detect even a legitimate file as dangerous when it spots a little risk on it. Thus, when you choose the file you want to remove from your computer, ensure that you haven’t selected the legitimate files.
  • Once you have selected the files you prefer to remove from your computer, click the Fix Now button. 
  • Once the repairs are performed, you will be prompted to restart your computer. By then, click the Restart Now button.
  • When your computer is restarted, click Yes in the User Account Control dialog box. 
  • Now, Norton Power Eraser will show you the removed and repaired files. Click Done to exit the window.
  • In case you have accidentally deleted any legitimate programs/files from your computer, choose the Undo Previous Fix option and click the Run Now button. Then, select the session from which you prefer to get back the legitimate files and click Next > Undo. Now, all of the deleted files will be restored. 

In this way, you can download and run Norton Power Eraser. If you have any other queries, get back to us for remote assistance.


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