How To Disable Quick Heal Webcam Protection?

 How To Disable Quick Heal Webcam Protection

The Quick Heal antivirus software is one of the best antivirus applications available at present. The moment you have Quick Heal installed on your computer, you will feel its presence at all times, courtesy of the real-time protection it offers.In this Quick Heal article, we shall discuss the Quick Heal Webcam protection feature. When it comes to a computer or laptop, the device can be open to online scammers because of the lack of protection. There are cyber-criminals who easily hack devices and get information that can lead to unforeseen issues. So Quick Heal came up with a new feature called Webcam protection.Having Webcam protection enabled can be a good thing when it comes to privacy, but there can also be times when you would want to get on an interview while working remotely. So you have to keep your webcam on at all times. For such cases, the Webcam Protection in Quick Heal will be of no use. Without much further ado, we shall look at how to disable Quick heal Webcam protection. There can also be a possible scenario where the camera stops working and you would not know the reason behind it. So the best option would be to find the Webcam Protection feature and disable it.

Disabling Quick Heal Webcam

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Locate and do a double-click on the Quick Heal Total Security antivirus application.
  • When the Quick Heal dashboard appears, click the Internet & Network option.
  • On the Internet & Network screen, if you see the option enabled for Webcam Protection, click to disable it.
  • Click the Save Settings button.

Following the steps as described above will disable Quick heal Webcam protection.


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