How To Disable Quick Heal Internet Security Temporarily?

 Disable Quick Heal Internet Security Temporarily

Quick Heal antivirus is one of the top sought protection software present in the current market. There can be issues when the antivirus comes to intrude with other applications on your computer. Whether it’s to download an application outside the Microsoft Store or having issues related to the internet, Quick Heal can create havoc. For incidents like these, the best solution is to disable Quick Heal Internet Security for a short while so you can get your work done. In this article, we have described the steps to disable Quick Heal internet security temporarily in simple steps. Here we go

Steps To Disable

  • Open the Quick Heal antivirus application on your computer.
  • Wait for the dashboard to open.
  • Once done, scroll or click the navigation icon.
  • You will see some options on the dashboard.
  • Click the Files & Folders option.
  • Now you will see few more options that you can configure.
  • Click the Virus Protection option.
  • Select the toggle slider and make sure the option goes to OFF.
  • You will now see a pop-up appear with the message saying, “Turning off Virus Protection is not recommended as it will compromise the security of your computer. Your computer will be vulnerable against malware.”
  • Click the Select Action drop-down list and select a time limit to turn on the Virus Protection again.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Now the Quick Heal dashboard will say the System is not secure.

Follow the steps as mentioned in this article to disable Quick Heal internet security temporarily. If you are still facing issues, click the CALL button to get technical assistance from our team.


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