How To Disable Firewall In K7 Total Security?

 How To Disable Firewall In K7 Total Security

The K7 Total Security antivirus software protects your computer from malware attacks using advanced detection and prevention techniques. It ensures that your system is safe and secure, as there are high chances that the computer might face a number of threats when connected to the Internet. K7 Total Security uses smart real-time protection so that when you browse over the Internet, it will block malicious websites and keep your system safe from attacks. But along with blocking the threats to the computer, the antivirus software could also block the installation of genuine applications. This is when you may want to disable the Firewall in K7 Total Security. Here we have provided the steps to know how to disable firewall in K7 total security. But make sure that you re-enable these options once the intended work is done.

Disabling Firewall In k7 Total Security

  • Suppose you are facing some issues with K7 Total Security. In that case, it is always recommended to disable it temporarily or permanently.
  • If you have the K7 Total Security software on your Windows desktop, you can double click the shortcut icon to open the software, or you can open the software by typing the name in the search bar.
  • You can also locate the K7 antivirus icon in the Windows Notification Area near the clock icon.
  • After opening the software, go to the Details option. A new window opens up now and you have to turn off all the Firewall protection options one by one.
  • While disabling the firewall, you have the option of choosing the time period for the firewall to remain disabled. The available time duration options are 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, until system restarts, and permanently.
  • After selecting the time duration, close the window.
  • Now, you have successfully know how to disable firewall in K7 total security on your computer.


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