How To Decrypt Online Key Ransomware?

 How To Decrypt Online Key Ransomware

A decryptor is a tool used to decrypt encrypted files. Before decrypting, you should know whether it is an online or offline key ransomware. If an offline key was used, the chances of restoring the data are high. But it's not the same for online key ransomware decryption. The only way to recover your files is to purchase a decrypt tool and unique key. You can download any decryptor of your wish for decrypting online key ransomware. Here, we shall see how to decrypt online key ransomware.

How To Decrypt Using Emisoft Decryptor?

  • Download ‘Emsisoft Decryptor.’
  • Open the decryptor. Click Yes in the User Account Control window. Agree to the terms by clicking Yes.
  • Before you start to decrypt, you need a pair of encrypted and unencrypted file copies for all the files you wish to decrypt.
  • The file pair must be at least 150 Kb in size, and it should be of the same type as the file that was encrypted.
  • For decrypting different file types, you need the same type of file pair, like jpeg, doc, mp3, etc.
  • In the Emsisoft decryption page, upload a pair of encrypted and unencrypted files and click on Submit.
  • Once the files are processed, you will be provided with a decrypt tool download link. Download the link and open it.
  • Press Yes in UAC prompt.
  • Select folders for the decrypted files to be saved. Click Add folder and start choosing the file locations you want to scan and decrypt with the specific file extension.
  • Now, select Decrypt to start decrypting your files.
  • If the decryptor could not decrypt specific file types, upload another pair of the file to the decrypt tool download link. Repeat the process till you download as many files as possible. If you need remote assistance regarding how to decrypt online key ransomware, call us


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