How To Block Ads In K7 Total Security?

 How To Block Ads In K7 Total Security

Are you receiving annoying ads and getting tired of them? Then there is a way to block them. Scroll down this page to know how to block ads in K7 total security.The K7 Total Security software ensures that your data is safe and protected from all kinds of threats. This security application comes with some great features that include database update, safe money, backup & restore, protection for kids, password manager, and more. It also helps you to block unwanted or harmful websites and ads on your computer.There is a feature called Anti-Banner in K7 Total Security. This feature helps you to block banner ads from displaying on your computer. Banner ads play a major role in generating network traffic. So, to enable the Anti-Banner feature in your K7 Total Security application, follow the below instructions.

Enabling Anti-Banner In K7 Total Security

  • Open the K7 Total Security application.
  • Locate the Gear icon available in the main window of the application and click on it.
  • Now, the Settings window of the application will open.
  • Select the Protection option.
  • Under the Security Controls section, click on the Anti-Banner option.
  • Now, in the Anti-Banner Settings window, click the toggle button beside the Anti-Banner option.
  • Click on the Save button followed by Yes.

In case the banner ads are displayed even after enabling the Anti-Banner feature, then you need to add them to the block list of the K7 Total Security software. To do so, perform the following instructions.

Adding Banner Ads To Block List

The icon of the K7 antivirus software installed on your Windows computer will be added to the taskbar. This icon helps you to access the antivirus software easily. You can also enable or disable the K7 antivirus application from the taskbar icon. 

  • Click on the Gear icon on the Total Security application's main screen.
  • On the Settings screen, click on the Protection option.
  • Select the Anti-Banner option.
  • Make sure to enable the Anti-Banner feature in the Anti-Banner settings window.
  • Locate and click on the Blocked banner link.
  • Now, a window titled Blocked banners will open.
  • To add a link to the block list, click on the Add button.
  • Type the URL of the banner in the given field.
  • Set the status as Active and click on the Add button.

If you wish to perform secure browsing, then you can use the Web Anti-Virus feature of the K7 Total Security application.

Safe Browsing

  • Go to the Settings window of the K7 Total Security software.
  • Select the Protection option followed by Web Anti-Virus.
  • Now, a window named Web Anti-Virus Settings will open.
  • Go to the Advanced section and click on the down arrow icon beside it.
  • Under the Scan methods section, select the option that says Check the URL against the database of URLs containing adware. 
  • Click on the Save button followed by Yes.
  • From now on, when you try to access a harmful or untrusted website, the K7 Total Security application will warn you about it.

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