How To Backup The Kaspersky License Key?

 How To Backup The Kaspersky License Key?

If you have installed the Kaspersky security program on your computer, then you would have activated it using the license key. In case you want to reset your device, then all the applications installed on it will be removed. This includes the Kaspersky security program. Also, the details regarding the product license will be deleted as well. So, when you install Kaspersky again, you have to activate it using your license key. Therefore, if you are about to reset your device, you must know how to backup the Kaspersky license key.

Back Up Kaspersky License key On Your PC

  • You can have a backup of the Kaspersky license key by taking a screen capture of it.
  • Open the Kaspersky application's main screen and click License.
  • The Licensing window will now open. Locate the license key of your product at the top of the window.
  • Now, you have to press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. This option might vary depending on your device model.
  • Open the Paint application on your PC. If you are not sure how to open the Pain application, then type “Paint” in the search box and open the application from the search result.
  • Once the Paint application is launched, press the Ctrl and V keys together. This will paste the copied screenshot in the Pain application.
  • You can now save this file and when you need your Kaspersky license key, you can access the file.

Another method to back up the Kaspersky license key is to connect your Kaspersky application to My Kaspersky account.

The Steps Are As Follows

  • Launch the Kaspersky application.
  • Click the My Kaspersky tile.
  • Click Sign in, enter your email address, and then enter the password.
  • Now, your Kaspersky security program will be connected to My Kaspersky account. If you need remote assistance on how to backup the Kaspersky license key, click the call button.


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