How To Backup Kaspersky License Key?

 Backup Kaspersky License Key

Kaspersky is an effective antivirus program that safeguards your computer from viruses and other malicious software. In many situations, you will need the Kaspersky license key. This is especially true when you are reinstalling Kaspersky antivirus on your computer. You can easily and quickly backup Kaspersky license key using a few simple steps. You can create a backup of the Kaspersky license key by taking a screenshot of it.

Instructions To Back Up Kaspersky License key On A Windows

  • First, navigate to the main screen of the Kaspersky application on your computer. Next, click on the License option.
  • You will see the License window pop up on your screen. If you look at the top of this window, you can see the license key there.
  • Now, turn your attention to the keyboard and press the Print Screen button. This button will be located beside the Scroll Lock key. On some keyboards, it will be denoted as Prt Sc.

Open The Paint Application On Your Computer

  • Go to the Search box on your Windows computer.
  • Type in the word “paint” (without the quotes).
  • From the search results displayed, click on the appropriate Paint application name.
  • You can see the Paint window pop up on your screen.
  • In the Paint window, press the CTRL and the V keys simultaneously.
  • The Kaspersky license key screenshot will get pasted in the window.
  • Now, save this file to the desired location on your computer. Make sure that this location is easy to remember.

When you reinstall the Kaspersky app on your computer, you can view the saved screenshot and enter the license key in the appropriate space provided. However, if you are going to reset or format your device, then all the data on your device might be deleted. In such a case, to save your license, you have to connect your security program to the My Kaspersky account. Here, your license key will be linked and you can retrieve it later when required. You have now successfully backup Kaspersky license key.


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